Zeqi Lai

Phd student @ Department of Computer Science and Technology, Tsinghua University.

Mail: uestclzq@gmail.com


I am currently a Senior Researcher at Tencent Media Lab.

Before I join Tencent,  I got my PhD degrees in Department of Computer Science and Technology, Tsinghua University, under supervision of Prof. Yong Cui. I was visting School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Purdue University, during September 2016 to October 2017, under advisor Prof. Y. Charlie Hu. My research interests include mobile systems/networks, cloud computing and cloud storage. I received my B.E. in 2013 in Department of Computer Science and Technology, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China.


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Conference Papers

  • Zeqi Lai, Y.Charlie Hu, Yong Cui, Linhui Sun, and Ningwei Dai. Furion: Engineering high-quality immersive virtual reality on today’s mobile devices. In MOBICOM. ACM, 2017, (Acceptance Rate 35/189=18%).
  • Yong Cui, Zeqi Lai, Xin Wang, Ningwei Dai, and Congcong Miao. Quicksync: Improving synchronization efficiency for mobile cloud storage services. In MOBICOM. ACM, 2015, (Acceptance Rate 38/207=18%, first student author!).
  • Zeqi Lai, Yong Cui, Mining Li, Zhenhua Li, Ningwei Dai, and Yuchi Chen. Tailcutter: Wisely cutting tail latency in cloud cdn under cost constraints. In INFOCOM. IEEE, 2016, (Acceptance Rate 300/1644=18%).
  • Zeqi Lai, Yong Cui, Yimin Jiang, Xiaomeng Chen, Y.Charlie Hu, Kun Tan, Minglong Dai, and Kai Zheng. Wireless network instabilities in the wild: Prevalence, app (non)resilience, and os remedy. In ICNP. IEEE, 2017, (Acceptance Rate 39/209=18%).
  • Zeqi Lai, Yong Cui, Yayun Bao, Jiangchuan Liu, Yingchao Zhao, and Xiao Ma. Joint media streaming optimization of energy and rebuffering time in cellular networks. In ICPP. IEEE, 2015, (Acceptance Rate 99/305=32%).
  • Yong Cui, Shihan Xiao, Xin Wang, Minming Li, Hongyi Wang, and Zeqi Lai. Performance-aware energy optimization on mobile devices in cellular network. In INFOCOM. IEEE, 2014, (Acceptance Rate 320/1645=19%).
  • Wang, Ziyi, Yong Cui, and Zeqi Lai. “A First Look at Mobile Intelligence: Architecture, Experimentation and Challenges.” arXiv preprint arXiv:1807.08829 (2018).
  • Lai, Zeqi, et al. “Immersion on the Edge: A Cooperative Framework for Mobile Immersive Computing.” Proceedings of the ACM SIGCOMM 2018 Conference on Posters and Demos. ACM, 2018.


Journals & Magazines

  • Yong Cui, Zeqi Lai, Xin Wang, and Ningwei Dai. Quicksync: Improving synchronization efficiency for mobile cloud storage services. IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, 2017, (first student author!).
  • Yong Cui, Zeqi Lai, and Ningwei Dai. A first look at mobile cloud storage services: architecture, experimentation,
    and challenges. IEEE Network, 30(4), 2016, (first student author!).
  • Yong Cui, Shihan Xiao, Xin Wang, Zeqi Lai, Zhenjie Yang, Minming Li, and Hongyi Wang. “Performance-aware energy optimization on mobile devices in cellular network.” IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing 16, no. 4 (2017): 1073-1089.


  • 2018.6 北京市优秀毕业生
  • 2018.6 清华大学优秀毕业生
  • 2018.6 清华大学计算机系优秀毕业生
  • 2017.10 National Scholarship, Tsinghua University
  • 2017.1 TP-Link Scholarship
  • 2016.9 Microsoft Research Asia Fellowship 2016 Nomination Award Winner
  • 2015.9 National Scholarship, Tsinghua University
  • 2010-2012 National Scholarship, UESTC



  • Android, Java, C/C++, Matlab, Unity 3D, Origin.


Authorized Patents

  • A bandwidth allocation method, CN103686874B, Zeqi Lai, Yong Cui and Shihan Xiao.
  • 崔勇, 赖泽祺, 戴柠薇. 面向个人云存储传输的数据确认方法: 中国, 2014107650123. (已公开)
  • 崔勇, 赖泽祺. 一种终端、服务器文件同步的方法及装置: 中国, 2014107283069. (已公开)
  • 崔勇, 赖泽祺, 缪葱葱. 一种文件同步方法及装置: 中国, 2014107223871. (已公开)
  • 崔勇, 赖泽祺, 鲍亚运. 能耗优化的流媒体应用带宽资源分配方法: 中国, 2014105896788. (已授权)
  • 崔勇, 鲍亚运, 赖泽祺. 快速能耗优化的流媒体应用带宽资源分配方法: 中国, 2014105896769. (已授权)
  • 崔勇, 鲍亚运, 赖泽祺. 流媒体应用快速缓冲的带宽分配方法: 中国, 2014105896773. (已授权)
  • 崔勇, 江逸敏, 赖泽祺. 面向Android系统后台服务自动唤醒的切断方法: 中国, 2017101424423. (已公开)
  • 崔勇, 孙霖晖, 赖泽祺. 基于多子流协同的并行视频流媒体解码方案: 中国, 2017104185138. (已公开)
  • 崔勇, 孙霖晖, 赖泽祺. 面向虚拟现实的协同渲染方案: 中国, 2017104191213. (已公开)
  • 崔勇, 孙霖晖, 赖泽祺. 基于多连接的并行解码方案: 中国, 2017104196452. (已公开)



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